The stand-off between the government and international lenders continues – The Economist

The stand-off between the government and international lenders continues
The Economist
Greece has implemented only about half the measures it signed up to last summer, say European Union (EU) officials. The troika returned to Athens on February 24th, intending to reach a deal that could be approved at a meeting of the euro-zone finance 
Too Late For To Potami in GreeceGreek Reporter

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No, the rich don’t pay a ‘fair share’ of tax. They pay all of it – The Australian (blog)

No, the rich don't pay a 'fair share' of tax. They pay all of it
The Australian (blog)
Notwithstanding the enormous variation in the circumstances of individuals and households within each of these five buckets – for instance, childless, healthy workers will pay in much more than unemployed families with sick children – the disparities

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Fake or Florida: Seth Meyers’ First Shareable Clip Is a Perfect Game Show – HyperVocal

Fake or Florida: Seth Meyers' First Shareable Clip Is a Perfect Game Show
With all the praised heaped on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, it's easy to forget that Seth Meyers' new Late Night show also debuted this month. This week, in fact, though none of the clips from his first few shows went v i r a l in the same way Fallon's

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Morocco ‘hurt’ by ‘France’s mistress’ label – Al-Arabiya

Morocco 'hurt' by 'France's mistress' label
A visit to Morocco scheduled on Monday by Nicolas Hulot, a special envoy of the French President for the Planet's Protection, was postponed, Information Minister Mustafa al-Khalfi told Al Arabiya News. He said Morocco's ambassador to France also held a 
France's Africa problem keeps getting worseBlouin News Blogs (blog)

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Oxfam agrees with IMF on ‘Redistribution, Inequality, and Growth’

The IMF has released a discussion note, authorized for distribution by chief economist Olivier Blanchard, on the damaging effect of income inequality on economic growth and supporting redistributive efforts.

Titled “Redistribution, Inequality and Growth”, the paper finds extreme income inequality harmful for the pace and sustainability of economic growth. It also makes the case that redistribution efforts – including progressive taxation tax and spending on health and education – are pro-growth.

The IMF report says:

  • “It would still be a mistake to focus on growth and let inequality take care of itself, not only because inequality may be ethically undesirable but also because the resulting growth may be low and unsustainable.” (page 25).
  • “The combined effects of redistribution are on average pro-growth” (page 4).

A recent report by Oxfam found that almost half the world’s wealth is owned by one percent of the population and that the bottom half of the world’s population owns the same wealth as the richest 85 people in the world.

Head of Oxfam’s Washington office Nicolas Mombrial said:

“Oxfam agrees with the IMF – extreme inequality is damaging not only because it is morally unacceptable, but it’s bad economics.”

“The IMF has debunked the old myth that redistribution is bad for growth and demolished the case for austerity. That redistribution efforts -essential to fight inequality- are good for growth is a welcome finding. Low tax and low public spending are clearly not the route to prosperity.”

“This is a green light for governments to use fair tax systems and investments in health and education to reduce damaging income inequality.”

“In the bad old days, the IMF asked governments to cut public spending and taxes. We hope this research and Christine Lagarde’s recent statements are a sign that they are changing their tune.”


Chris Lehane Out-Washingtons Washington – New York Times

Chris Lehane Out-Washingtons Washington
New York Times
The child would be one of the faces of his campaign. Lehane wanted Gonzalez to walk the two blocks to the State Capitol and meet with …. As the former political director for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Pérez was a product of


Unveiling The Mystery Of The “Migrant Mother” Photo – Huffington Post

Unveiling The Mystery Of The "Migrant Mother" Photo
Huffington Post
And if that didn't work, I would add: the Depression photo of the woman holding the baby. Bingo. Her circumstances were so reduced that, as she told Dorothea Lange, her family had taken to eating frozen vegetables that fell off farm trucks and


Greece resumes bailout talks with lenders, no hard figures discussed – Reuters

Greece resumes bailout talks with lenders, no hard figures discussed
At stake is the disbursement of funds to repay 9.3 billion of bonds maturing in May, the biggest single debt redemption Greece faces in the next three decades, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon data. They held a first round of talks but no hard
Greece raises hopes of recoveryDeutsche Welle
Greece 'very close' to agreement with troika as talks resume in AthensKathimerini
Greece in banking sector stand-off with bailout lendersFinancial Times
Washington Post -Wall Street Journal
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